Some companies, especially during the summer season, use unqualified poorly trained tempary staff for pest control. We only use fully qualified staff on every visit.


These yellow and black striped insects can be a nuisance around barbeques, garden parties or any outdoor event. However, for some people, they can be fatal with several people dying each year as a result of wasp stings.

Rats & Mice

Infestations of mice and rats can lead to damage to property and to food and they can transmit and spread diseases to humans.


Whether insects are infesting your kitchen cupboards, your living room or your bedroom we have the solution for you.


A & M Hawk UK offers a comprehensive range of bird management services and bird control systems at competitive rates. Our successful track record of bird control means that we have experience in all types of bird problems and we know how to eliminate them. If required, an A & M Hawk UK professional bird-controller will assess your problem, provide a detailed report of your options, and recommended an individually tailored solution.

We are a Fully Certified Company


BPCS logoWe are full servicing members of British Pest Control Association. The BPCA carries out regular audits of our work, and checks that all staff have not only passed BPCA/RSPH qualifications but also keep up to date with legislation and best practice by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) every year.


NPTA logoWe are members of National Pest Technicians Association. The NPTA checks our insurance details and provides ongoing training for our staff through regional training days. This means that you can be assured that we are up to date and using current best practice.


RSPH logoAll bird and pest control technicians have achieved the Royal Society for Public Health, RSPH Level II Certificate in Pest Control or the RSPH Level II Award in Pest Management. One of our directors is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health.

BASIS (Prompt)

BASIS logoAll our technical staff are members of BASIS (Prompt), the Professional Register of Managers and Pest Technicians. Membership requires that all staff complete ongoing training annually and BASIS provides an independent record that the training is completed to a recognised standard.

Working with the community

Think Wildlife

As a company of nature lovers, we are committed supporters of the Campaign for the Responsible Rodenticide Use, Think Wildlife. All our operations comply with the CRRU Code promoting best practice and responsible rodent control thereby protecting wildlife from rodenticide exposure.

We are Electric

We are investing in 100% Electric Vans, giving a smooth and quiet ride for our staff and birds of prey while delivering Zero Emissions for our customers and the communities in which we work.